A Water Change in Pictures and Words

Written By Wymcot (Mick)

In my case the water goes straight out the window, the bucket is to contain the **poo** and save any fry daft enough to get sucked up.

Next step is to check cannister filters for leaks and check on the output

Note the fludised sand bed filters behind, these are plumbed into the filter outlet pipe

The main flow is from the filters themselves, the flow behind is from the sand filter

Fresh water straight from the tap, getting the temperature balance takes a few minutes of messing about

Here we go then, over 400 litres to put back in

Water first passes through Nitrate removal resin, if source levels are higher than normal I can have two of these in tandem. A low flow rate is required when useing one of these ie 100 - 150 lph

Next it's the Stress Coat which is mixed up in the bucket and syphoned into the tank via the short lenght of airline. Note the positioning of this in the second photo

Whilst this is going on I check the PH meter using PH10 calibration Fluid. It is worth noting I have'nt had to adjust this since I got it over three months ago

Now I test the nitrate levels of the incoming water, I sometimes do this 2-3 times during every change just to ensure the resin is still working

After 40 mins or so I mix up the Epsom salts and introduce via the bucket & syphon line in order to avoid any shock of it all going in at once. 8 tablespoons is normally enough for a WC such as this

Next is the bicarbonate of soda, this is not done until the tank is almost full as it can have an immediate effect on the PH. This is where a continuous readout PH meter comes in handy as I can keep an eye on it whilst the bicarb is introduced. For a WC this size I use two pots

Last is the Chiclid Essentials, which honestly isnt that essential but it does introduce some trace elements that will be missing in the tap water. This is tipped straight in the tank , making sure to follow dosage instructions

Well thats about it, I now clean the glass inside & out and undertake the most important part of the whole process.

Test all the parameters

If your still awake, I hope this helps make things a bit clearer for someone

Due to the low flow through the resin this whole process can take 3-4 hours but before anyone switches off completely, during this tank refill I managed to go down the pub for a couple of pints, come home and mow the lawn taking odd breaks to swig a can of beer, then sit in the garden with a couple more cans waiting for the tank to finish filling